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Nate Sense' Flatline Outdoors Warrior Fishing Adventure Testimonial



     In December of 2013 I had a life changing surgery. I had my pancreas and other organs removed to cure my chronic pancreatitis which I medically retired from the Navy. Before my surgery I had the pleasure of meeting Pete Hein from Team Flatline Outdoors through my older brother Ryan. Little did I know that my life was going to change forever. 

     My life long dream has been to fish in bass tournaments. The doctor met with me before my big surgery. He told me I needed a goal or something to shoot for, so I had something to gauge my recovery off of. I told him I wanted to fish in a professional Bass tournament. I have always loved fishing. Before my surgery it was hard to fish due to the fact I never knew when I would have a pancreatic attack and I always feared being stuck out on a boat far from shore. After my surgery, Pete came to visit me in the hospital.  He sat with me and prayed over me for a quick recovery. He also presented me with a bible. 

     After my surgery I was on bed rest and taking handfuls of pills three times a day. I was down in the dumps. After my 2 month post surgery appointment, I met with Pete for lunch.  He was not alone. Pete had contacted the president of the Minnesota Bass Federation (MNBF) and he came to lunch too. It was then I learned of Pete's master plan. He set up to make my dream come true. I was entered to fish in the MNBF Tournament of Champions 2014!  And I also got a super sweet fishing jersey with my name on it.

























I was super surprised and excited! I know that I would have healed from my surgery regardless but having such an event to look forward to brightened my spirits, made all those pills easier to swallow and my physical therapy more enjoyable. I healed remarkably fast after that lunch. But Pete wasn't done there. He also invited me to the Flatline Outdoors fishing adventure in June 2014. A weekend fishing get away. Wow was it amazing. I never caught so many bass in one day!




I also caught the biggest walleye of my life. A 29.5" tank! 







































Its very rare in this world to meet and better yet get to know personally a man like Pete. I am truly blessed to have met him and call him my friend. Being on the boat with him was very fun and exciting. The stories that were shared and the memories that were created will never be forgotten. Its amazing how a little time on the water with such great people make you forget about your problems, the pills you have to swallow, the needles full of insulin, and the scars across your body. I can honestly say that it healed my soul and gave me the strength to carry on to where I am today. Thank you Pete and Flatline Outdoors for all that you do. You have changed my life forever!


Ret. Navy 

Nate Sense
































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